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Contact Centre Coaching PRO (February 2024)

February 7 @ 1:00 pm AEDT

Contact Centre Coaching PRO Course in Australia

Contact Centre Coaching PRO Course (February 2024)

Are you looking to gain improvements in your contact centre performance and improve employee engagement in the process?

Yes, both are possible!

Effective coaching is the key to ensuring your contact centre employees are working at their best, but most Team Leaders moved into their role directly from being on the phones and have never been taught the skills on how, and what to coach.

And a Team Leader who is not coaching effectively can be a slippery slide for the culture and performance of your contact centre.

The Contact Centre Coaching PRO February 2024 course teaches your Team Leaders/Managers premium skills to manage, support and coach frontline employees in a contact centre to achieve sustained, long-term cultural and operational excellence by establishing a strong and effective coaching culture.

Whether you have a small or large contact centre, the coaching process and behaviours taught to your Team Leaders in this course will ensure they are equipped with the skills to have effective coaching conversations that drive results – helping both your Team Leaders and your employees.

So if your contact centre needs a cultural shift to improve performance based on sound coaching practices, this course is designed to make it happen!

9 hours of training delivered over 3 x 3-Hour Sessions 

The Contact Centre Coaching Pro course is a 9-hour training course spaced out over 3 x 3-hour sessions to minimise the impact on your operations and enable participants time to learn and apply their new skills in between each session with staff that they manage or support.

The course is held online on:

  • Session 1 – Wednesday,  7th February 10:00 to 13:00 AEDT
  • Session 2 – Thursday, 8th February 10:00 to 13:00 AEDT
  • Session 3 – Friday, 9th February 10:00 to 13:00 AEDT

Included Modules

1. What makes a great coach?

Exploration of different types of coaching and the key requirements and considerations for effective coaching. Drawn from the direct insights obtained from some of the world’s best coaches in business and sport.

2. Customer Experience Coaching

Exploration of the primary role and purpose of a Contact Centre coach in helping staff achieve desired standards of behaviour for premium call handling* to improve the sales and service experience for customers in those moments of truth when they pick up the phone.

*We use the five core competencies and 18 call-handling behaviours from the Australian Contact Centre Quality Standards as the basis for this module.

These will help improve the quality of customer conversations in ANY contact centre, but especially if your contact centre is listed in the monthly Australian Contact Centre Rankings report, or you are part of the Contact Centre CX Benchmarking service, you’ll see an improvement in your rankings once your employees have completed the course!

3. Better Coaching Conversations

Introduction, review, demonstration and practice use the five coaching competencies to reveal staff strengths, and how these can be utilised to develop improvements in specific call-handling behaviours*.

*We use the Australian Contact Centre Quality Standards as the examples for premium call-handling behaviours (which directly correlate to improve quality performance however you measure it – CSAT, NPS etc) however you don’t need to be using/applying the standards to benefit from this training, the coaching competencies is the focus here and they apply in any contact centre.

4. Coaching Simulations

Lots of practice in applying the five coaching methods within simulated coaching conversations that reflect different staff types and different levels of performance and attitudes.

5. Difficult Coaching Conversations

Demonstration and practice in how to facilitate more difficult coaching conversations due to negative or closed-minded attitudes of staff, or where staff are not taking responsibility for their own development.

6. Coach the Coach

The trainer conducts actual coach-the-coach sessions with each individual to demonstrate first-hand how to apply the methods in a real context.

7. Bringing it all together

Whatever learning gaps still exist within the training group are addressed with targeted demos and group practice. Rapid-fire learning checks and an online assessment are conducted by the trainer to confirm competency and to reinforce critical skills and methods.

Learn more about the course and secure your ticket on the link below. 

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07 Feb 2024
1:00 pm AEDT
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Job Suitability
Emerging Leaders, Contact Centre Team Leaders, Contact Centre Managers
Total DURATION of the Event
9 Hours
Delivery Format
3 x 3-hour sessions
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Finished over 3 separate sessions
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